6 Hour Certification Course for All Teachers/Educators for Children from age 4 – Teens

COST: R2999.00

As children develop, their need for movement far exceeds that of adults. Kids need to move more than just shake their wiggles out but they also utilise movement to create the foundation of their neurological system. 4EVER Fit 4KIDS provides children the opportunity to perform those necessary movements for skill development in a playful manner.

4EVER Fit 4KIDS can be practiced by children in collaboration with their teacher. The exercises are done seated in their chairs in the class room, which stimulates and develops the five primary functions of the brain by doing unfamiliar movements, or creating new ways to do an activity that is already familiar to them. We use music and story-telling with no need for the teacher to learn any special choreography. The brain stimulating tools can be adapted to the curriculum, which also focus on primary physical skills for optimal function in their formative years such as joint mobility, balance, spinal flexibility, upper body strength, co-ordination and the ability to respond, react and recover.

Children crave movements that their bodies need to develop, grow and achieve and succeed in all important tasks. Our programme has captured the essence of play and created a movement programme where children can express their freedom, have fun as they play and at the same time, increase foundational neural pathways for increased skill development.

4EVER Fit 4KIDS is based on consciously choosing to develop the brain and body through playful and imaginative physical movements designed to fire neurons and develop neural pathways for pre-schoolers from age 4 to mid-teens.

The 21 FUN Movement Skill for KIDS help children develop and refine

  • bilateral integration skills
  • eye-hand coordination
  • sensory processing skills

Testimonials and Feedback
from primary school teachers

Mrs Jackson comments on the Certification Course :

“It was such fun !  I thoroughly enjoyed it and it will definitely be useful in class and beneficial to both my learners and I”

Mrs Japp-Pearse

“How Wonderful is the idea that health lies in play and fun, well-being in the sense of surprise and the unexpected.  I Love it !”

Miss Moore :

“Loved this Certification course.  The concepts will be used for years to come”

Mrs Williams :

Thank You !  What an amazing lot of tools you provided us with to get those neurons connecting and connected to facilitate maximum reception to learning .. and all the music and Fun?  Highly recommend this course for All School Teachers !”

Mrs Thompson :

“Was so much fun.  I found it very interesting and had loads of laughs.”

Mrs Wade :

“Excellent course.  Very invigorating and life changing for Teachers and our learners.  Thank you”

Mrs Pema :

“Loads of fun – easy way to lose weight and very beneficial too”

Mrs Wilmot :

“It was fun!  The children will benefit greatly and improve movement activities”

Mrs Naidoo :

“Had an awesome time.  What a fun way to be healthy in mind and strong in body”

Mrs Mafu :

“it was so much fun.  Beautiful experience.  Very effective”

Miss Singh :

“It was an extremely fun filled afternoon and the knowledge and skills gained will help me to help hundreds of children to grow and stay fit in years ahead and ofcourse, share loads of giggles”

Miss Buckels comments on using the exercise tools in her classroom :

“I had a blast during the certification course.  It is so useful in the classroom and the children are so enjoying it.  Thank you”

Mrs Gradwell :

“Was a fun way to learn.  The Children Love it”

Miss Munilal :

“My Children are enjoying it.  Exercises are very entertaining and interesting”

Mrs Immelman :

“It works !!  Thank you so much.  Before reading a story we do our exercises. Never too old to learn new ideas”

Certification Training for All Teachers Dates :

3 March / 2 June / August / October

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