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Ageless Grace® is growing fast all over the world and new people are gaining their certification as an Ageless Grace® Educator every week. Training includes a 4-hour Seminar and a 12.5 hour Certification. There is also a 2-hour Ageless Grace® for KIDZ!™ Seminar. In addition you will require the training materials  consisting of The Ageless Grace® Playbook, a set of three DVDs featuring all 21Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease, and a set of flashcards. Online courses are under development.

As an educator is important to ensure the health and well being of all students, we have therefore developed a certified and practical CPR course as part of the Educator’s Certification course.

What can Ageless Grace do for me?
Prior to the Certification followed by ‘Getting Started with Ageless Grace®’ to support you in taking Ageless Grace® to your community.

The 4-hour Seminar gives an understanding of how and why the 21 Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease work and the knowledge for practicing them on their own. It shows how to develop a habit of practicing 10 minutes each day for on-going development of neuroplasticity as well as its physically restorative and developmental benefits. This seminar is highly recommended for those who want to be Certified Educators, since Educators will be coaching their students in the personal practise, but the seminar is not required for certification. Those who take both the seminar and certification say it helped them reach a comfort level for teaching Ageless Grace® as quickly and knowledgeably as possible. R 720,00 per person. (Price increase in 2017 to R 750,00)

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The 12.5-hour Certification is specifically designed for those who want to be a Certified Ageless Grace® Educator and be able to teach group classes or private one-on-ones with clients and students. This certification goes into depth about the primary and secondary benefits of each tool, how they are practiced, music suggestions for practice and creation of playlists, safety and precautions, PR and marketing skills, types of places hiring Ageless Grace® Educators and ways to approach them, basic anatomy, how to organize a class format, and a wide-variety of ideas on how to teach these spontaneous in-the-moment tools that are sparked by imagination and creativity, memory and recall, kinaesthetic learning, analytical thinking and strategic planning. R 4 500,00 (including course materials) per person. (Price increase in 2017 to R 5 130,00)

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Children crave movement that their body’s need to develop, grow and achieve, and succeed in all important tasks. Ageless Grace for KIDZ!™ captures the essence of play and has created a movement program where kids can express their freedom, play and increase foundational neural pathways for increased skill development. R 720,00 per person. Price increase in 2017 R 750,00.
This program would be a vital asset for teachers to utilize in their classroom and pediatric therapists to utilize both in and out of the school setting. I wholeheartedly recommend Ageless Grace for KIDZ!™ for anyone who works with children or rather plays with children.
Amy Bracken, MOTR/L, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

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Lyn, who is an Occupational Therapist by Profession says…

Ageless Grace has been a very good program for me on two levels!

Firstly as an Occupational Therapist (retired) I can appreciate the science behind it. What a great way to loosen every joint and strengthen the core while stimulating neural pathways that actually prevent many of the effects of aging! I believe in the validity of every ‘tool’ which aims at total wellbeing with a diversity of exercises to maintain interest.

In particular combining imagery and problem solving with movement, stimulates the right and the left brain and is the closest thing I know to promoting adult ‘sensory integration’! For me personally this is a fun opportunity to address my own weaknesses and retain aerobic fitness. So much more interesting than gym!… keeping a weekly schedule and supplementing with my own home program is achievable. I have noticed improved balance and coordination…important for me to avoid tripping!…and while my husband has his Sudoko and Bridge for mental fitness….I am doing it my way with Ageless Grace.

Thank You!!

Lyn Watson

Occupational Therapist , Retired


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10:30 ~ 14.30 (4 hours)


Cape Town
Weekend 25 ~ 26 March 2017
Weekend 27 ~ 28 May 2017
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Weekend 23 ~ 24 September 2017
Weekend 11 ~ 12 November 2017

Belmont Square, Conference Centre, Rondebosch

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