Area: Rondebosch, Cape Town
Name: Mary-Anne Hamman
Mobile: 083 457 1953

“Having worked as an Oral Hygienist with my husband, a dentist, over the past 35 years and being a Certified Hypnotherapist, I’ve worked closely with many people and I’ve developed a keen interest on how lifestyle choices, activities and attitudes affect people’s quality of life and their ageing process. I’ve also been involved in the Health and Wellness Industry for many years and have always appreciated the benefits of good nutrition and exercise. I’m now excited to have found a module that encompasses the neuro and physical combination and look forward to helping people achieve timeless fitness for body and mind through the Ageless Grace classes.”

Northern Suburbs (Boston, Welgemoed, Bellville and Durbanville)

Area: Northern Suburbs (Boston, Welgemoed, Bellville and Durbanville)
Name: Anusha Maharaj
Mobile: 083 379 4891

“I am passionate about serving the old and people who are physically challenged. I enjoy yoga and meditation, and believe that we can overcome challenges in our lives through this. Laughter is very important as I see it as being food for the soul and mind.
My aim in life is to put a smile on every beings face that I meet or interact with.”


Area: Northern Suburbs (Boston, Welgemoed, Bellville and Durbanville)
Name: Anika Maharaj
Mobile: 082 095 5614

“I am a final year Naturopathic student and will open up my practice next year. Naturopathic Medicine focuses on assisting the body to heal itself by non-invasive and natural methods. These include, dietary and lifestyle advice as well as supplemention, massage therapy, hydrotherapy and light therapy. I will specifically focus on stress management techniques and physical therapy to assist the body to heal itself and reach optimal health.
We must remember that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Natural Medicine is my passion and I believe that we all can live happier and lead healthy lives if we focus on what we eat and how we take care of our bodies.”

Area: Vredehoek, Cape Town Name: Wendy Liddell Mobile: 084 676 7700 Email: “I have two grown up daughters and am privileged to work from home which also gives me flexible hours. I decided that I needed to use my time constructively, so most mornings I go to gym and do cardio workouts. On a Monday and a Thursday, I volunteer at a literacy centre in Fisantekraal assisting Grade 2’s & 3’s with their English reading. This is a poor community and lots of the children have FAS and some do not come from a nurturing home. As mentioned, on a Tuesday I visit the KSE Home and on Wednesday morning’s I attend a Ladies Bible Study. I have realised that I am significant and that God has plans for me and I want to be obedient to His calling for me. I have been given the gift of serving and know that this is where God wants me to serve. I do not believe in coincidences and strongly believe that God allowed me to hear about Ageless Grace for this very purpose. I am not one for speaking in front of a group of people, let alone giving an exercise class, but I know with God’s guidance and strength, I can make this happen and make a small difference, no matter how small to the residents at KSE. I am very excited about this new venture in my life and know that I will benefit as well. Perhaps, during the course of next year, I will look into finding more about a similar exercise routine for kids which I can take to special needs kids.”
East Rand – Kempton/Edenvale/ Boksburg/Benoni/Germiston – Gauteng
Area: East Rand – Kempton/Edenvale/ Boksburg/Benoni/Germiston – Gauteng Name: Rachel Potgieter Mobile: 082 456 1849 Email: “I’m 68 years old, have been married for 48 years. We have 3 children and blessed with 6 grandchildren. As a child I have always been involved in some kind of sport, but ballet was my absolute passion. Adult life and parenthood slowly got me becoming less and less active. Had a back operation some 29 years ago, considered myself very fortunate to have had the minimum problems, but recently had a reminder with spasms and hip discomfort that my aging body is demanding more attention. Being involved in our small business for more than 28 years had the very, although not deliberate, excuse that I had no time. (It is said to be the adult version of ‘the dog ate my homework’. I am on a good supplement regime, but realised there is more to being healthy. Ageless Grace came to my attention through a medical fund magazine. My curiosity was triggered and thanks to the internet quickly discovered that the concept made total sense. Was fortunate to find a training course was offered in Cape Town soon. Did the course and knew this could be beneficial not only for myself, and by qualifying as an educator see the opportunity to change the face of aging in my community as well. The prospect to have a new sense of purpose for the next phase of my life fills me with excitement!”

Name: Ingrid Roberg
Contact: 083 260 9988
When: Tuesdays at 11am, Thursdays at 9am, Thursdays at 6.30pm
Venue: Church on the Rise, Blouberg. Corner of Porterfiled and R27 (West Coast Road)
Class fees: R40 per class

Durbanville and Northern Suburbs

Name: Beverley Shaw
Contact: 083 229 8030
Where: Durbanville and Northern Suburbs

United Kingdom & Houtbay

Name: Sue Taylor
Contact: 082 741 4862
United Kingdom until June 2016
Houtbay from July 2016

United Kingdom

Name: Darilyn Batchelor
Contact: 079 474 2688
Where: United Kingdom


Name: Theresa Gow
Contact: 072 517 6671
Where: Bishops Court, Constantia


Name: Molly Pankhurst
Contact: 084 584 1029
Where: Milnerton

Somerset West

Name: Kim van Alphen
Contact: 082 801 5400
Where: Somerset West