Ageless Grace has been a very good program for me on two levels!

Firstly as an Occupational Therapist (retired) I can appreciate the science behind it. What a great way to loosen every joint and strengthen the core while stimulating neural pathways that actually prevent many of the effects of aging! I believe in the validity of every ‘tool’ which aims at total wellbeing with a diversity of exercises to maintain interest.

In particular combining imagery and problem solving with movement, stimulates the right and the left brain and is the closest thing I know to promoting adult ‘sensory integration’! For me personally this is a fun opportunity to address my own weaknesses and retain aerobic fitness. So much more interesting than gym!… keeping a weekly schedule and supplementing with my own home program is achievable. I have noticed improved balance and coordination…important for me to avoid tripping!…and while my husband has his Sudoko and Bridge for mental fitness….I am doing it my way with Ageless Grace.

Thank You!!

Lyn Watson

Occupational Therapist , Retired

“Ageless Grace has become a lifestyle for me. It’s an holistic programme which touches all the senses and helps me with balance, coordination, flexibility and most importantly, it is fun and enjoyable. Deborah is an excellent and inspiring Teacher who brings youth to age!” HANNAH

“How time flies. I checked in my diary and I have been coming to Ageless Grace Exercise Classes since 19th May 2016 – almost 9 months. Although I still have back problems, I am able to move a lot easier without experiencing too much discomfort.

I would like to compliment you on your extreme dedication to your passion and that is, taking care of the well-being of men, women and children. I have observed that you go the extra mile to help those who are unable to help themselves.

As you wrote in your newsletter “Challenging ourselves is how we grow and improve and rewire our brain” and I certainly needed to challenge myself, as I have never been someone who enjoyed physical exercise, so was encouraged that I enjoy your classes – as not only do you challenge us physically and mentally, your positive and cheerful nature lifts the spirit”.

Lynette Paxton

Pinelands Grove Retirement Village

“After an Ageless Grace class, my whole day goes better, I feel emotionally uplifted and energized, achieving far more in my day than I had planned.

Here’s to many years of keeping mentally fit and alive.”


“Debbie is a lovely person, very spontaneous, caring ,funky ,always makes you feel at home.

I was listening to Cape Talk about Ageless Grace, interesting , this I must try out. I have been to classes for 3 months now at Sea Point – the exercises has benefitted me so much.
I was stiff, but now I move baby, all over my joints are more flexible.

Enjoy the laughs we have with music as we sing and exercise at our own pace.”


“Ageless Grace is an essential service made available to us by Deborah, a warm hearted and approachable Teacher. The programme got me moving and stretching in an enjoyable way. I also use it as a self-evaluation tool to assess personal strength, flexibility and fitness level. All of these areas are incorporated into the sessions. The Group Classes are extremely beneficial to the body, mind and spirit. The huge benefit for me being the need for focussed concentration during the memory exercises so essential for mental health.”


” I had no idea that you were knowledgeable in so many areas regarding “THE AGED” ?? Many of us are in need of these exercises but not aware or willing to get involved.
I was not sure about the benefits but have never regretted my daughter’s decision to get me involved. The increased flexibility in my body, and mental ability have been exciting for me and remarked upon by others.
I feel as though I am in my 40’s and ready to start anew !”


“I would just like to say how great your Ageless Lessons are for me.

What I enjoy most is that the lessons are always different and fun & not the same old, same old like other exercises.

This keeps it interesting. You are most pleasant, vivacious, happy, joyful, beautiful & much fun!”


“Ageless Grace is a great way of exercising, most enjoyable, fun and a lovely experience.

I have become more flexible and aware of my body’s abilities and the lesser used muscles. Deborah, our teacher, has a lovely, inspirational personality and has lots of spunk which adds to the enjoyment of the classes.

Thank you for introducing Ageless Grace to us.”


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