The inextricable body-mind relationship is a diversely complex one. This relationship is most noticeable in our physical reactions to our thoughts i.e goosebumps when feeling afraid.

The cause-and-effect relationship is not necessarily to say that illness is ‘caused’ by thoughts, and there many underlying factors such as genetic inheritance, which may lead to illness. At the same time, we as humans we have the amazing innate ability and potential to heal and transform ourselves through thoughts, perceptions and choices.

So how do we improve our body-mind connection?

  1. Take active breaks from work or vexing problems to give your brain a chance to regroup and reboot.
  2. Your body’s posture and expressions are not just reflections of your mind — they can influence your mood. Stand tall to help give yourself confidence and to send a signal to those around you that you have brought your “A” game to the table.
  3. Practice in the real conditions under which you will have to perform.
  4. Write it out. Journaling can help you deal with the stress of a test or your worries in daily life.
  5. Spend time in nature as often as you can, and find time to meditate.

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