Deborah Nicholls Short Bio

Deborah DB Nicholls is an Instructor and Trainer of Ageless Grace(R)  Brain Health Fitness Programme since August 2015 and a Graduate of the Neuroscience Academy in Australia.   Deborah hails from Cape Town, South Africa and currently resides in Vancouver BC Canada.  Deborah offers Ageless Grace group classes to fitness centres, gyms, community centres, wellness centres, schools and retirement villages. One2One sessions with Deborah are also available for people who believe they have limited or restricted movement of their body.

Deborah offers 4 hour Personal Practice workshops and a 2 Day Certification Training Course to teach Ageless Grace.

Deborah, before becoming an instructor, was involved in the corporate world as a marketing expert and entrepreneur.

“I have now done a 180 degree turn and am following my real passion – Wellness of the Body & Brain. It is bringing me such joy. I have embraced Ageless Grace. I went to a demonstration and was hooked!”

Discovering the Ageless Grace exercise methodology sparked her real passion for the wellness of the body and brain. Her ignited passion led her to become an Instructor and Trainer.  As an instructor, she provides individuals of all ages with an exercise alternative that activates both the body and the mind. Deborah completed her audit to become a qualified Trainer, with founder and creator Denise Medved 

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