Neuroscience Says Doing These Activities Will Help Keep Your Brain More Focused

While technology has brought about immense convenience, and new ways of entertainment, in our lives, it has also brought about a real challenge. Now that we have so many more things to keep a look out for, we are actually losing mental focus. If you go to sleep tired, and wake up tired – then you know you need to start doing things differently. Studies have shown new ways of keeping your brain active and healthy during the day, so you can get good rest at night. Listed below are some techniques that contribute to helping your brain rest and renew.

1. Practice Downtime

Calm down your brain by doing the following activities:

  • Practice mindful meditation.
  • Listen to music or even practice playing a musical instrument.
  • Look at artwork.
  • Be around people who will make you laugh.
  • Have positive conversations with friends (negative conversations appear to overly activate your brain).
  • Take lots of breaks.
  • Take a hot shower or bath.
  • Go on a short nature walk.

These activities won’t take you longer than 10 minutes.

2. Take Power Naps

Studies have shown that napping during the day boosts your performance. So find some time to nap for at least 40 minutes or so, and experience that much-needed boost!

3. Be Grateful

One powerful way to ensure you can get away from your smart phone and take a break, is to pay attention to the real world around you and appreciate it for all that it is. Try not to take anything in your life for granted.

4. Wind Down Digitally Every Night

Most people who have smartphones use them at least an hour before they sleep. Our brains don’t appreciate this much, hence our disturbed sleep or waking up tired. Try doing the following before going to bed:

  • Unplug one to two hours before bed to allow your brain a chance to unwind and get ready for sleep.
  • Replace tech with reading, writing, praying or meditating.
  • If you read, make sure it’s a paper book, and one written by an author that you like and have read before so that the style and topic is predictable for using less brain power.
  • Listen to music that is also very familiar, in fact, so familiar that you feel you can hum the tune in your sleep. Don’t listen to anything new for the same reasons; it will likely lead to more brain activation as you try to learn the tune and the words, keeping you from falling asleep.
  • You’ll find some television shows relaxing and others invigorating, so use your best judgment.
  • Try a crossword puzzle, if it feels brain-calming. Again, use your best judgment.
  • Store all digital devices in an area of the house other than the bedrooms.
  • Use an alarm clock rather than your smartphone as an alarm.

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