WHAT IS NEUROPLASTICITY ? Dr Bill Andrews, “ (The Man Who Would Stop Time)” a renowned molecular biologist and gerontologist whose career has centered on searching for a Cure for human aging was the first to successfully identify human telomeres. It is an enzyme that is critical in the aging process. As telomeres shorten, we age and eventually die. A question was asked of Dr. Andrews “What actually works to slow the aging process?” NEUROPLASTICITY is a very popular term these days. What does Neuroplasticity have to do with Telomeres? “Many of the reasons why neurons quit functioning have to do with what I would like to call caregiver cells. A typical caregiver cell would be something like a Schwann cell that binds to the neurons and then produces a Myelin protein that wraps around the nerve and protects it just like a caregiver. Many diseases, such as Multiple sclerosis, are situations where the myelin is stripped away or is not produced, or there’s an Auto immune reaction where your own antibodies start attacking the myelin destroying the neurons. Alot of Diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia have been connected to the myelin sheath being Destroyed causing the neurons to become susceptible to destruction. Anytime a cell is insulted or attacked in such a way, it speeds up its death rate.

It’s usually OK when you are young because other cells can divide to replace the killed cells. But
Every time cells divide the telomeres get shorter. After 40 years of this, you lose the ability to
have your cells divide or replace the dead cells. That’s one of the main causes of all neuroplasticity –related
diseases including muscular dystrophy. Supporting healthy telomeres is not going to get rid of the
problems, but there would be a larger reserve of cells that can divide or replace the killed cells.”
Nutrients which help support healthy aging are those that prevent free radical damage of telomeres or
damage to your telomeres. Some of those nutrients include Omega 3, Vitamin D and
Anti-oxidants. So to sum up, the message is Clear ! The main keys to living a longer, more youthful life
are enhancing Neuroplasticity through fun and moderate endurance exercise.
Based on the information Dr Andrews shared, we are even more convinced that Ageless Grace can play
an important part in neuroplasticity and healthy aging. Ageless Grace is a playful, fun exercise program that
is moderate, does not breakdown the muscles to create strength, and is stimulating to the brain !
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