Denise Medved – founder and creator of Ageless Grace

The Ageless Grace fitness programme had its genesis when Denise Medved, founder and creator of the programme, was studying in a graduate programme in gerontology.

Medved began to think about the possibilities if the focus was shifted away from accommodating physical limitations, to doing everything possible to forestall those limitations, or at least diminish the severity of them. She was convinced that many of the so-called inevitable signs of ageing were really not inevitable at all; they were simply “lack of practice” of the skills needed to maintain youthful function.

Medved has a substantial track record in the fitness industry, so she was familiar with movement and the human body. Her background enabled her to approach ageing with a different mindset. She felt it was time to change the model of ageing in the world, beginning with the brain. With this aim in mind, she spent seven years creating Ageless Grace: 21 Simple skills for Lifelong Comfort and Ease™, incorporating the latest research in the field of neuroplasticity.

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