It’s time we STOP believing that all trauma healing work happens in our minds, we must reconnect the body, and it’s rightful place on our healing journey.    I will keep beating the drum and raising awareness for the importance of a full BODY approach to healing.   Move your Body !

When I got a phone call that my husband had died in a burning plane crash this forever shaped my world.  I instinctively turned to fitness to handle my stress, trauma, and grief. I was called to move my body; actually, I was more than called, I was PULLED, HARD, and I quickly made the connection to my emotional well-being and my level of activity. The days I worked out were more tolerable, a little less stressful, and afforded me just little more peace.”

I managed to tolerate an hour of therapy, and I never returned to that same therapist. I just wasn’t ready to “talk” about and “process” my grief in that way. It wasn’t her fault, we all do what is right for us in our timeframe, and that was not meant to be my course of action in the beginning.

What I WAS ready to do was move my body every chance I got. Movement is what I did, and it turned into my life-line at a critical time in my journey. For months I ran, I lifted, I cried HARD tears through a deep sweat, and I found some measure of peace. 

I knew deep down inside what experts are starting to uncover today that our bodies need to help us deal and process grief, stress, and trauma, otherwise we hold it and carry it deep in our bodies, and THAT can make us very, very sick.

When you live with trauma, stress, grief, and any pain, you are not just experiencing it mentally in the upper part of your body, you are experiencing it as an entire being, yet so often we try and leave our bodies behind in the process. This imprint can have severe and lasting effects on our body’s critical systems. Chronic pain and even serious illness can be connected to trauma never released within our bodies. Our central nervous system, joints, fascia, and muscular systems can store trauma and leave us in debilitating pain.

As I’ve continued to learn and grow in this field of study, I am more determined than ever to get the grieving population moving as a tool in every toolbox for ultimate health and well-being. Until body-centered therapy is as widely prescribed as anti-depressants and talk therapy, I will keep beating the drum and raising awareness for the importance of a full BODY approach to healing.   Move your Body !

One thing I like to remind clients is that we are all solely responsible for our healing. Nobody is coming to save the day, and we must take ownership of our lives and our path forward. Life is short; we need to do whatever we can to help our minds and our bodies process our grief and trauma in a way that is healthy and beneficial for the days we have left. Yes, there is much work to be done, but the good news is you are worth it, and so is your future. Do the work and improve all of your tomorrows.