Which basically translate to this:

You should be incorporating a ton of non-exercise related movement into your day to give your body all of the movement nutrition it truly needs and deserves.

So what the heck does that look like?

Well… it might look like:

  • Standing at work rather than sitting.
  • Hanging from things when you can because you can.
  • Walking as you talk (be it on the phone or having a meeting).
  • Squatting as you read a book or reply to emails.
  • Parking in the spot furthest away from the entrance rather than the closest.
  • Walking or biking rather than driving whenever possible.
  • Carrying your little one on you, rather than pushing them in a stroller.
  • Feeling the grass between your toes more often.
  • Having a picnic on the living room floor.
  • Going to a playground to PLAY with your children rather than observe them.

Get creative and have fun looking for new ways to inject more movement into your day. Your “exercise” sessions will probably improve because of it, and your mental and physical health will hugely benefit from just doing what you were born to do…move.

Our Brain Health Fitness Programme, Ageless Grace is about PLAY!  Let’s PLAY! Changing Your Brain is as Simple as Child’s Play

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