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To assist with your questions, we have created a short-cut of frequently asked questions and their answers.

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Are you available for one-on-one teaching?
Yes, I am. Please contact me to make an appointment.
What do I do if there are no classes in my area?
  1. Order the Products – For more information click here.
  2. Join the next 4 hour Personal Practice Seminar. Learn how to do the daily 10 minutes daily at home – For more information click here.
  3. Participate in our 12.5 hour Professional Certification Course to teach classes in your area – For more information click here.
  4. Request a Group Demonstration in your area – For more information, get in touch.
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Can anyone join Ageless Grace?
Ageless Grace is for anyone of any age and any ability – any fitness level. ALL WELCOME! Ageless Grace does not discriminate!
What is Ageless Grace?
Ageless Grace is a cutting-edge brain fitness program based on neuroplasticity that activates all 5 functions of the brain – strategic thinking, memory/recall, analytical, creativity and imagination, kinaesthetic learning. Simultaneously focuses on and addresses the 21 physical skills needed for lifelong optimal function.
Exactly what skills are addressed with the Ageless Grace tools?
  • Joint mobility
  • Spinal flexibility
  • Right-left brain coordination
  • Bone density
  • Kinesthetic learning
  • Cognitive function
  • Cardio conditioning
  • Upper body strength
  • Lower body strength
  • Systemic health
  • Healthy myofascia
  • Balance
  • Fall prevention
  • Self esteem
  • Confidence
  • Playfulness
Why is Ageless Grace performed in a chair?
For more information click here.
Why is Ageless Grace different to other fitness programmes?
The biggest difference between Ageless Grace and other fitness programmes is that Ageless Grace is meant to both exercise the body and stimulate the brain. Modern research supports that we must combine the two for optimal lifelong function and graceful ageing. It is important that our mental lifespan matches our bodies lifespan and that we must continue to practice movements we are unfamiliar with in order to create new neural pathways.

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How many exercise tools are there in the programme?
21 Simple Tools for lifelong comfort and ease have vivid, easy-to-remember names and include imagery, creativity, playfulness, variety, polarity, sound, expression, words and games. They are used to stimulate and release endorphin and engage the nervous system.
What is Ageless Grace for Kidz™?
The Teacher’s Classroom Exercise Certification is a seated fitness programme that activates all five functions of the brain and helps with the development of 21 different functional body skills, including balance, coordination, multi-skilling, and the ability to respond, react and recover. Additionally, spinal flexibility, muscle mass, eye-hand coordination and dexterity will all be enhanced. Find out more about Teacher’s Classroom Exercise Certification!
How do I become an instructor?
The 12.5-hour Certification is specifically designed for those who want to be a Certified Ageless Grace Educator and be able to teach group classes or private one-on-ones with clients and students. This certification goes in depth about the primary and secondary benefits of each tool and how they are practiced. You learn music suggestions for practice and creation of class playlists. Develop PR and marketing skills, discover the types of places hiring Ageless Grace Educators and ways to approach them. Get to understand basic anatomy, how to organize a class format, and a wide-variety of ideas on business and marketing.
What is neuroplasticity?
Practicing, remembering and learning simple skills allow positive results to come surprisingly quickly – much like remembering how to ride a bicycle after many years. These aspects of movement practice combine as the process of neuroplasticity, (the ability of the brain and nervous system to change structurally and functionally), and are vital to active aging and youthful function.

For more information click here.

In what areas do you have classes?
Deborah Nicholls offers Public and Private Classes in the Pinelands area, and 20 km radius. Deborah offers training in Cape Town, and is Pinelands based. To view a list of South African Ageless Grace Certified Instructors, click here.
What are the benefits practising Ageless Grace for 10 minutes daily?
  • you are embodying the ageless grace exercise tools;
  • you are energising your body and brain ;
  • the synapses in your brain are strengthening;
  • you are practicing the ageless grace exercise tools on an ongoing basis which has a cumulative affect on youthful functionality; and
  • old neural pathways are re-opening in addition, you are growing new neural pathways.

This is good news – keep practising your exercise tools for 10 minutes everyday.



Lou Ann Van Heerden is an Occupational Therapist in private practice in Cape Town. Lou Ann has this to say about her 13.5 Professional Certification Course with Deborah Nicholls .

“I look forward to becoming more and more comfortable with AGJ I feel motivated and empowered to use AG as a therapy tool and I know it is going to benefit the residents greatly.

Ageless Grace is such a refreshing set of tools and exercises to use within the occupational therapy scope. It is like the ‘cherry on top’ when it comes to exercise therapy.

It involves imagination, creativity as well cognitive skills, providing a platform to challenge the client without placing too much direct pressure on them to perform. I would recommend it to all health professionals working with older adults. Seated exercises is very definitely cardiovascular getting the heart rate up – this is good news “

Ageless Grace has been a very good program for me on two levels!

Firstly as an Occupational Therapist (retired) I can appreciate the science behind it. What a great way to loosen every joint and strengthen the core while stimulating neural pathways that actually prevent many of the effects of aging! I believe in the validity of every ‘tool’ which aims at total wellbeing with a diversity of exercises to maintain interest.

In particular combining imagery and problem solving with movement, stimulates the right and the left brain and is the closest thing I know to promoting adult ‘sensory integration’! For me personally this is a fun opportunity to address my own weaknesses and retain aerobic fitness. So much more interesting than gym!… keeping a weekly schedule and supplementing with my own home program is achievable. I have noticed improved balance and coordination…important for me to avoid tripping!… and while my husband has his Sudoko and Bridge for mental fitness….I am doing it my way with Ageless Grace.

Thank You!!

Lyn Watson

Occupational Therapist , Retired

Balance, Coordination, Flexibility and Fun
“Ageless Grace has become a lifestyle for me. It’s an holistic programme which touches all the senses and helps me with balance, coordination, flexibility and most importantly, it is fun and enjoyable. Deborah is an excellent and inspiring Teacher who brings youth to age!”


Up for a challenge, even though I have back problems
“How time flies. I checked in my diary and I have been coming to Ageless Grace Exercise Classes since 19th May 2016 – almost 9 months. Although I still have back problems, I am able to move a lot easier without experiencing too much discomfort.

I would like to compliment you on your extreme dedication to your passion and that is, taking care of the well-being of men, women and children. I have observed that you go the extra mile to help those who are unable to help themselves.

As you wrote in your newsletter “Challenging ourselves is how we grow and improve and rewire our brain” and I certainly needed to challenge myself, as I have never been someone who enjoyed physical exercise, so was encouraged that I enjoy your classes – as not only do you challenge us physically and mentally, your positive and cheerful nature lifts the spirit”.

Lynette Paxton
Pinelands Grove Retirement Village

My days are better with Ageless Grace
“After an Ageless Grace class, my whole day goes better, I feel emotionally uplifted and energized, achieving far more in my day than I had planned.

Here’s to many years of keeping mentally fit and alive.”


My joints are more flexible
“Debbie is a lovely person, very spontaneous, caring ,funky ,always makes you feel at home.

I was listening to Cape Talk about Ageless Grace, interesting , this I must try out. I have been to classes for 3 months now at Sea Point – the exercises has benefitted me so much.

I was stiff, but now I move I was stiff, but now I move daily, and now my joints are more flexible.

Enjoy the laughs we have with music as we sing and exercise at our own pace.”


Ageless Grace encourages me to continue. Regular exercise no longer feels like a chore. Physiotherapists are pleased with my progress.
“Usually, I am very skeptical, critical, and dismissive of everything; my approval of Ageless Grace is praise indeed! At last, exercise that is fun and effective!

I have benefited enormously from Ageless Grace in the past year. I have a rare form of ataxia which prevents messages getting from my brain to my muscles, affecting my balance, coordination, and speech. Although there is no cure for this progressive condition, my gradual deterioration is slowed by repeated use of existing abilities and learning of new pathways. Ageless Grace is ideal for me because it exercises both body and brain. I think it would be helpful for most neurological conditions. I rarely consciously think about it (we are much too busy having fun!) but I think Ageless Grace has made me aware of my mind-body connection. I have been able to identify those specific bits of my brain that no longer work so well and discovered this need not affect my wider functioning.

In particular I think Ageless Grace has increased my confidence, perseverance, and motivation with my mobility. When I started attending weekly sessions I came in my wheelchair, but now I can manage with just a rollator walking frame! I am also more confident moving around my home and garden. I am more aware of factors such as anxiety affecting my performance and the benefits of repeated practice.

During the last few years I have been treated by several physiotherapy teams (at the spinal unit, the neurological rehabilitation unit, by the mobility team, the respiratory service, etc.) Ageless Grace seems to simultaneously incorporate all the movements and exercises used by all these physiotherapists for various conditions – but it’s much more fun!

All physiotherapists stress the importance of continuing doing the exercises long-term after the treatment sessions. Like many others, I start with good intentions but quickly get bored and lose motivation to do the exercises alone at home. Ageless Grace encourages me to continue. Regular exercise no longer feels like a chore. Physiotherapists are pleased with my progress.
Each Ageless Grace session contains just the right balance of repetition and variety. We look forward to the familiarity and novelty. It reinforces and stretches.

Ageless Grace is great fun because it is all done to a wide variety of familiar music, often ‘golden oldies’. The pace and rhythm of the music stimulates. The duration of each song encourages perseverance. It is like reminiscence-therapy for the body as well as the mind!

One great advantage of Ageless Grace is that it requires no special environment, equipment or clothes. It can be practiced anytime and anywhere. I find myself spontaneously doing the movements wherever there is music playing – in the kitchen, while watching TV, in shops, etc.

I have tried out several exercise regimes, including various seated groups. Ageless Grace is the only thing I have stuck at. This is probably because the Ageless Grace movements are specifically designed to be done seated and don’t feel like second-best or compromise. I enjoy doing something which is independent of ability or fitness. I usually feel an incompetent failure but in this group, I feel good!

I particularly value Ageless Grace because it includes exercising muscles and parts, such as the face and fingers, which are often neglected in other regimes. It is simultaneously simple and comprehensive.

I find Ageless Grace enlivening and invigorating. I always feel more alert and inspired to do other things after each session. I am surprised that it isn’t used more in schools and colleges. I am sure a few minutes of Ageless Grace at the start of each session would be more beneficial than a weekly P.E. class. It makes me feel more capable, independent and motivated to do things instead of relying on others. Perhaps it should be introduced in all institutional settings to prevent people becoming passive and dependent.

I do not always hear too well, especially in a group, so I may have difficulty following verbal instructions. I enjoy Ageless Grace because it is entirely based on imitation and completely non-verbal. There are no instructions to remember, nothing to hear or get wrong! It occurs to me that it is probably suitable for use with people who have limited English, and acceptable to all cultures because it does not involve any undressing, physical contact, etc.”


I was rather apprehensive

I was rather apprehensive when I went along to an Ageless Grace class six months ago.  I have always been unco-ordinated and favour the right side of my body.  Exercise has never appealed, apart from walking.  I have however, had so much fun and laughter and definitely feel the benefits of all that we put our bodies and minds through with Debbie encouraging us.  

I was recently on holiday in Plettenberg Bay and hiked Robberg with family (this is a 2 hour hike).

They were amzed at how well I coped with rock hopping, down and then up again considering my history and I realised that it was due to Ageless Grace with Deborah that I did not suffer any stiffness the next day. 

I recommend giving Ageless Grace with Deborah a chance.”

LORNA, Pinelands 

I am more focussed doing the Memory Excercises
“Ageless Grace is an essential service made available to us by Deborah, a warm hearted and approachable Teacher. The programme got me moving and stretching in an enjoyable way. I also use it as a self-evaluation tool to assess personal strength, flexibility and fitness level. All of these areas are incorporated into the sessions. The Group Classes are extremely beneficial to the body, mind and spirit. The huge benefit for me being the need for focussed concentration during the memory exercises so essential for mental health.”


Exercises that every senior should do.
” I had no idea that you were knowledgeable in so many areas regarding “THE AGED” ?? Many of us are in need of these exercises but not aware or willing to get involved.

I was not sure about the benefits but have never regretted my daughter’s decision to get me involved. The increased flexibility in my body, and mental ability have been exciting for me and remarked upon by others.

I feel as though I am in my 40’s and ready to start anew !”


Different and fun exercises, vivacious and happy instructor
“I would just like to say how great your Ageless Lessons are for me.

What I enjoy most is that the lessons are always different and fun & not the same old, same old like other exercises.

This keeps it interesting. You are most pleasant, vivacious, happy, joyful, beautiful & much fun!”


I have become more self aware of my body's abilities
“Ageless Grace is a great way of exercising, most enjoyable, fun and a lovely experience.

I have become more flexible and aware of my body’s abilities and the lesser used muscles. Deborah, our teacher, has a lovely, inspirational personality and has lots of spunk which adds to the enjoyment of the classes.

Thank you for introducing Ageless Grace to us.”


Your Classes are Awesome & you are just Hilarious
You have enriched my life in many ways & yet I barely know you and I have only done a few lessons under your guidance. I truly look forward to the 2018 group and entering this new journey in my life. I know that these classes can only benefit me. After 5 years of hell with health issues I am blown away how YOU suddenly appeared in my life. They say: “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” – how true!
You are just what the doctor ordered. Thank You, Debbie. Your classes are awesome & you are just hilarious.” Shez
Simply put, my reaction time is quicker than it used to be, my balance is better, and I can recover from “the unexpected” more quickly.
I’ve been practicing the Ageless Grace Brain Health Fitness program for ten minutes a day, most days, for the better part of three years. And this program, by design, is based on the cutting edge science of Neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain and central nervous system to change its form and function over the course of a lifetime, specifically when activated by movement involving play (think of how you used to play as a kid), and by challenging the brain to do something it doesn’t already know how to do.
By practicing Ageless Grace’s 21 simple tools for lifelong comfort and ease each day, (3 tools for 10 minutes every day) I’ve been increasing my brain and body’s ability to respond, react and recover (the 3R’s). Simply put, my reaction time is quicker than it used to be, my balance is better, and I can recover from “the unexpected” more quickly. Pretty cool, huh? Especially when you consider that all I’ve been doing is listening to great music while moving my body and having fun, in the comfort of my own home, for ten minutes a day.

Amy Podolsky, Ageless Grace Trainer and Instructor

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