INspired LIVING: Are you experiencing ‘burnout’ in your Personal or…: …What is ‘burnout’ ?

  1. ‘Burnout’ is something we all experience at one or another time in our lives, whether it be in our personal lives or in our work arena.
  2. It is a natural experience, which we as human beings have to endure and more than that, strive to move out of creatively from time to time.
  3. ‘Burnout’ can be immobilizing – we feel mentally and physically drained, exhausted, we’re not in the flow, we have no zest for life, no new creative ideas seem to be in our reality or even on the horizon and it commonly occurs when our income starts to dwindle, at the end of a quarter, a year, a season, a relationship ending or the death of a loved one and so on.  
  4. Most times this happens when we have been in acceptance and doing much of the same thing for too long, merely existing, without being present or aware and paying attention to what is really going on in the greater scheme of things – Existing in our trusted comfort zone of what we know usually works for us.
  5. We often get sick during this time and are scrambling for a quick fix to get well again.
  6. Where can ‘burnout’ take you ?

    Scrambling in fear mode to find other options e.g. –

    • To find An-other to replace the lost other.
    • To find ways to generate additional income, sometimes opting for ‘get rich quick’ and risky schemes, which rarely work out.
    • To find whatever it is we feel we are yearning for or are lacking in right now.

    In the ‘burnout’ state, bad choices are usually made, as they are usually coming out of fear, anger or negativity.

    Let’s take a look at the state of the world and the planet right now and how we should be responding ?

  7. The planet is in dire straits in many areas e.g. Eco systems are collapsing, terrorism, wildlife, aquatic life is under threat, financial meltdowns in many countries, mass killing, killer diseases, inequality, etc.
    • Many truths, corrupt deals are being and will continue to be revealed to the world in all areas.
      • To name a few – banking institutions, the sports arena, basic services and amenities are collapsing, many Small and Medium businesses are folding.
      • Humanity has been hoodwinked by many and accepted as the norm for too long information and statistics they have been bombarded with by the Media, powers that be, etc.
    Sadly so it is and we should be doing all we can to make a difference in whatever way we can for the greater good and to do the right thing to save the planet and all who live in it.

     So how do we get out of ‘burnout’ ?

    • Stop, breathe and listen to your gut, your intuition, where innate genius lies.
    • Take a step back and see what’s really going on.
    •  See what is no longer relevant or not working.
    • Dig deep, unpack and try to see the truth in all things.
    • Focus on possibility and positivity.
    • Spend time with like-minded people, who believe what you believe.
    • Stay away from and don’t get attached to negative people and situations.
    • Find all the things you can be grateful for.
    • Revisit your Passions and the Vision for your life.
      •  Focus on things that really matter.
      • Start a new ‘Dream Chart’ for your life.
      • Start or continue the journey of the healing of the Self.
      • Allow Joy to peep in and when it does, know it and savour and embrace those moments.
      • Spend mindful time in nature – that’s where you’ll find ‘it’…