Neuroplasticity, Brain Plasticity, Neuro Genesis, Synaptic Density…proof that no matter what age we are…WE CAN DEVELOP OUR BRAINS! With this education of Brain development coupled with Body & System development and the new research on how Music affects the Brain…I feel Ageless Grace® is indeed a milestone in taking this education to the WORLD of people aged 5 – 105. Ageless Grace® is in 10 countries.   Using the Ageless Grace ®“Tools” our objective is to change the “model of aging” keeping the WORLD “functionally youthful”. Ageless Grace® is an EDUCATIONAL set of 21 Tools explaining Neuroplasticity (or Brain Plasticity): the ability of the brain and nervous system to change structurally and functionally. Through Ageless Grace®, we are able to open, maintain, sustain and restore neural pathways with practiced, functional, fun movement. We can develop our brains at any age, strengthen synapses and utilize the five functions of the brain…analytical thinking, strategic planning, kinesthetic learning, memory/recall, and creativity and imagination! Ageless Grace® introduces all ages and abilities to 21 simple Tools (or movement exercises) that each address a primary factor that causes aging in the body…as well as many other fitness benefits. The movement Tools of Ageless Grace® are organic rather than choreographed and focus on using the core to stimulate cognitive function and physical function simultaneously. The 21 Tools, practiced in a chair, allowing range of motion and creating a stable environment for all ages. Ageless Grace® is a profound body of work that is going to change the model of aging in the WORLD!   I am honored to be part of this enlightening “change”! Come learn and change the quality of function in your own future and that of others !