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Become a Certified Ageless Grace Brain Health Fitness Instructor based on the science of Neuroplasticity – (CEU 13.5 points)

13.5 Hr Professional Certification Training Course (2 Days)

Losing brain function as we age is now the number one concern of adults all over the world, outranking cancer and heart disease. Having an understanding of neuroscience and an international brain health certification on your resume is now highly desirable as a fitness professional.

The 13.5-hour Certification training course includes the 4-hour workshop and is specifically designed for those who want to teach this profound body of work in their communities to all ages and abilities.

Brain Health Fitness Programme 21 tools stimulate neuroplasticity activates all 5 functions of the brain (strategic planning, memory & recall, analytical thinking, creativity and imagination, kinaesthetic learning) combines action and imagination teaches the ability to respond, react and recover changes genes in neurons uses spontaneous and playful activities that developed childhood neural pathways focuses on 21 physical skills (i.e. balance, spinal mobility, flexibility, hip flexors, multi-skilling, upper body strength, bone density, etc) This certification goes into depth about the primary and secondary benefits of each tool, how they are practiced, music suggestions for practice and creation of playlists, safety and precautions, marketing skills, basic anatomy, how to organize a class format, and a wide-variety of ideas on how to teach these spontaneous in-the-moment tools that are sparked by imagination and creativity, memory and recall, kinesthetic learning, analytical thinking and strategic planning.

COST: US$ 400 includes all training material: Playbook, Flashcards and DVD’s ZAR5799.00

You will have learnt, laughed, made new friends and you commence teaching within days!

CPR certification compulsory prior to commence teaching.


Comfortable loose clothing.


Water bottle, face towel, lunch, snacks and refreshments.


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