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6 Hour Certification Training Course for School Teachers
Forever FUN Fitness For Children – Brain Health and physical fitness in a classroom setting based on neuroplasticity

This Certification Course is directed at Teachers for teachers to use “brain breaks” through stimulation of neuroplasticity for children from age 4 + to mid teens in a classroom setting.

Teacher’s Classroom Exercise Certification is based on consciously choosing to develop the brain and body through playful and imaginative physical movements designed to fire neurons and develop neural pathways for pre-schoolers to mid-teens.

Exercises in the programme can be practiced by children in collaboration with their teacher. The exercises are done seated at their desks in the class room which stimulates and develops the five primary functions of the brain by doing unfamiliar movements, or creating new ways to do an activity that is already familiar to them. We use music and story-telling with no need for the teacher to learn any special choreography.

The brain stimulating tools can be adapted to the curriculum, which also focus on primary physical skills for optimal function in the formative years such as joint mobility, balance, spinal flexibility, upper body strength, coordination, and the ability to respond, react and recover.

This programme is specifically designed for all school teachers. Including teachers working with special populations, those on the autism spectrum, with ADD or ADHD or with physical or mental limitations.


Comfortable loose clothing


Water bottle, face towel


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